March 3rd

5:59PM // 2 notes

Hey, we’re playing a show on Friday. It’ll probably be our last in town for a couple of months. Here is a hastily designed flyer for it.

November 9th

2:43PM // 4 notes

Here’s how it goes down, we head out on the road, we listen to pop radio because somebody can’t find the place where we plug in an mp3 player and we’ve only brought the mix cd from a 3 year old’s birthday party, we hear the best new song, we return, less than a week later one of our djs (in this case Mark E. Moon) drops this in our inbox, we drop it on your face. Should we play this version on nye?

September 22nd

10:10AM // 1 note // Our DJ Remixes our pals

September 11th


Our last rap night is thursday, here is the flyer

July 19th

11:22AM // 1 note // Summer Shows Can Be Found Here

July 12th


Oh man, we have been on some weak tumbln’ game recently as we bask in the sun and sleep in the lab working on new jams but tonight we reveal our sunbaked sleep deprived faces to dj. 


May 31st

12:14PM // 3 notes


New poster for rap night

May 7th

9:34PM // Our pal Paul aka Mount Mole made a remix

9:18PM // 3 notes

the sickest dude in the energy beverage game, look for us and him together in Boston sometime in June.



(Source: juiceboxxxusa)

May 3rd

7:07PM // 1 note

Buffalo and Toronto kids stepping up the flyer game